Crowded beach with SKY-ADS aircraft overhead

Everything an Advertising Agency needs to know about Aerial Advertising

In this article we explain everything an Advertising Agent or Media Purchasing Officer needs to know about the best form of Outdoor Advertising on the Gold Coast.

Do any of your clients need to reach customers on Gold Coast Beaches?

SKY-ADS are Beach Advertising Specialists – We reach every beach on the Gold Coast!
We are the only media which actually Reaches the Gold Coast Most Important Market!
Therefore SKY-ADS is the perfect media for you to recommend to any client advertising on the Gold Coast.

SKY-ADS can produce and display your artwork – It will sail past every person on the beach just off the coast only 150 meters above the water. Nobody will miss your client’s message!

What Lead times are required to produce an Aerial Billboard?

We can have a simple letter banner airborne with as little as 24 hours’ notice.
Logos and Billboards can be produced quickly but 4 weeks is preferred for production.

Advertising Agent saved at 24 hours notice with this outdoor Aerial Advertisement

10 feet high (3m) Logos adds impact and instant recognition of your client whilst maintaining a flexible message.
This can be changed as often as required to highlight your latest promotion or attraction.

Aerial Advertising saying "$50,000 Must be Won Tonight"

Our Huge Billboards provide impact in full digital colour

Example of Aerial Billboard which reads "Mustang boat of the year"

And can be up to 4 times as long as they are high

Pictures of a Roadside vs a Aerial Billboard

Learn more about readability of Font Sizes on sky billboards read our Sky Billboard Artwork Guide

Advertising Agents ask: “How effective is Aerial Advertising?”

So many of our clients and their advertising agents are amazed at how effective SKY-ADS is at getting people to move

We often blitz gate surveys. Main reason people attended the attraction was:-  No1 “We saw the plane with the banner behind while we were on the beach”

We have filled stadiums with 3 hours’ notice
We were approached by the producer of a motion picture which was being filmed on the Gold Coast
“I have a problem – I need a stadium full of extras at 9am Tomorrow”!!!
So the next day at 6am we were in the air with



After we had finished. I called the film director and asked gingerly how we had gotten on.
I honestly expected a huge fail. But No the Director and Producer were ecstatic.
They filled the stadium with extras who did the scene they required. Then enjoyed a concert from a local band.
To this day I still do not know how one Letter Banner Towed at 6am to 8am moved a stadium worth of people.
You can read more testimonials click here

The Advertising Agents of the Big Names use Aerial Advertising! 

Past clients include
Dreamworld – Movie World – Sea World – Gold Lotto – Powerball – Oz Lotto – Shooter NC – just to name a few.

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Crowded Beach audience looking up at SKY-ADS aerial display