Aerial Billboards

When you need the Big Impact for your campaign

These is no better investment than to display your artwork. So SKY-ADS provides you with a large blank canvas to write across the sky. Therefore results are guaranteed. Because while your customers enjoy the Gold Coast beaches we fly your artwork right past them.
About 7 times the size of a super sized roadside billboard. Flown just 500 feet off the beach, imagine the impact your advertising message will receive. What a great addition to any marketing campaign. Reaching a completely new untapped market.

Big Sizes and Big Impact in Sky Advertising

When your message doesn’t change. Billboards are the way to go. Further they are readable from a huge distance. But better they are seen from across a city.
We have heard many stories of people chasing us in cars, to find out what is on the sign in the sky.
If people chase us across cities, imagine how much attention they pay to your message when it arrives after noticing it miles away and watching it slowly approach.

Pictures of a Roadside vs a Aerial Billboard

In the picture above, Take note of the pole being held next to the Roadside Billboard. This is as long as our lovely lady could manage.
It is actually the lead pole of the sky billboard shown on the top of the picture. It actually has another 1.5 meter section which should be on the top.
Making a total length of 6 meters. The Roadside Billboard shown is 3 meters high.

Nobody will miss your message when this Mega Billboard floats by. Just off the beach, right past all your potential customers!

Rectangle – Not Just Square

Sky billboards towed by SKY-ADS aircraft are widescreen ratios. Up to 4:1 can be displayed. 
Therefore our 25 foot high billboard can be up to 100 feet long. That is 30 meters long by 7.5 meters high. 
Such a massive area 2500 square feet or 225 square meters creates a Huge impact.

Repetition is king  

There is no point producing the biggest billboard in the world only to be able to fly it for just 1 hour.
When a 6 meter high by 24 meter billboard will have huge impact flying just off the beaches and could fly every weekend for a year with the money saved

So SKY-ADS has sizes to suit every budget to ensure your money buys the biggest impact with the largest exposure times.

We also offer the Ultimate SKY-ADS – our solution provides the biggest impact, with the most flexibility creating even more impact over multiple display flight.
With a production investment fractions the price of an Aerial Billboard –
With the money you save on production you would easily get several extra 2 hours display sessions!
It is so great that we gave it it’s own page – Click Here to Learn about Ultimate SKY-ADS

Why is rectangle a better shape for a sky billboard?

If you look at any block of text. The first thing you notice is that it is very wide compared to its height. See our Banners Page
To fit any word into the confines of a square billboard the height of any letters printed on the Billboard needs to be reduced. Therefore this is the problem with a square billboard hanging below a helicopter. Contrast that with SKY-ADS widescreen format we do not suffer from such problems.
Your Billboards are simply made longer to accommodate your message! 

Guide to Sky Billboard Artwork

To help you make your sky billboard the best it can be. We have written a Guide to Sky Billboard Artwork – Learn more Here

Aircraft cost a lot less to operate than a helicopter!

Speaks for itself really. We display our aerial billboards at the same highly economical rates as any of our sky banners.
The only additional investment is a one off investment for production of your billboard. 

What is the Lead times for aerial billboard production?

Please allow 3 to 4 weeks to produce your sky billboard. As with anything aviation related Quality is foremost. Our sky billboards are shipped Fedex from the USA and are FAA certified. We have completed production turnaround within 14 days. So if you do have a rush job call us on 04 12166692 or email

*** Please Note – With COVID-19 in the USA there may be delays in production – Please call us for an up to date estimate for production times ****
Some solid colour Billboards can be produced locally – If you send us your artwork we will advise you on the best production method. 

How Big are Aerial Billboards?

The picture below shows our man holding the lead pole from a 6 meter High Aerial Billboard.
It reaches the top of power poles demonstrating the size of the billboard as you can see.

Now imagine 24 meters of Billboard trailing behind the lead pole. 4 times the length of the aircraft. That’s impressive!

To compare with a roadside billboard  – have a look at the picture of a roadside billboard shown above – did you notice our lady holding a lead pole from an aerial billboard next to the roadside billboard?

Man holding the lead pole from an Aerial Billboard reaches the top of power poles demonstrating the size of the billboard
man-looks-small-next to-billboard