Marriage Proposal Guide | Step 1 | Choosing a Great Location

The Top 10 Marriage Proposal Locations on the Gold Coast

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Picking the ultimate location for your proposal.

The Ultimate Gesture in the most Romantic Location.

SKY-ADS knows every Romantic Proposal location on the Gold Coast – below are just a few of our favourite Marriage Proposal Locations.

If you have decided on the location for your proposal – great, let us know the exact rendezvous point – use the Google Maps below.

If you are unsure or would like some ideas Scroll down for What Women Want.

SKY-ADS Tips on What Women Want – in a Romantic Proposal Location.

In this tutorial we will explain what to look for  in a marriage proposal location and what to avoid 

♥ Beauty 

Everybody loves a beautiful location therefore for your proposal this is probably the key consideration.
Consider your loves interests, above all what does she like? In addition what does she consider beautiful? 
Fortunately for us the Gold Coast and nearby areas are packed with beauty.   

♥ Symbolism  

Romance and symbolism go hand in hand therefore to make your proposal memorable adding a symbolic feature can really increase the romance.
Similarity Personal Symbolism is especially important.  The location of a first date or first kiss. Is there a location special for the two of you that could serve?
Physical signs at the proposal location can help make your proposal romantic and truly memorable.
Look for icons like :-

  • A Lighthouse – broadcasting your love forever over the ocean.
  • An Anchor – anchoring your love steadfastly.
  • A Bird – to carry your love to the heavens
  • A Headland – holding out from the ocean even though the surrounding land has given in. Can represent your commitment to your new relationship.
  • Rock Walls poking out into the sea guiding the river or protecting the beach can also be significant.

Finally, no discussion of Marriage Proposal Symbolism would be complete without the most important symbol.
Getting SKY-ADS to write your Romantic Marriage Proposal across the sky.

♥ Reason 

Create a reason to linger in the area. For instance a romantic picnic lunch shows caring and consideration. In other words you have thought of everything.
More over this will give us a window to arrive overhead without you waiting. Because Aviation is an art rather than a science and winds are unpredictable.
You do not want to be waiting uncomfortably padding searching for an excuse to stay.  Above all we do not want to blow the surprise.
We will aim to arrive bang on time, but allowance needs to be made for “Aviation Delays” plus or minus 10 minutes usually covers it.

♥ Make your Marriage Proposal into a memorable event 

Consideration could be given to including your proposal of marriage into a bigger occasion. For example booking a room for a romantic getaway. Similarity do you like camping together? Even just sharing a meal adds romance therefore going to the effort to pack a picnic is always a big hit. Or scoping out a restaurant or cafe that looks out over the ocean or Broadwater. 

If you live in Sydney, Melbourne. You will find that a weekend package of airfare and accommodation on the Gold Coast is cheaper than just a proposal on its own.
Above all a holiday on the Gold Coast raises the romance value of your proposal through the roof.

♥ Does your lady like the beach? 

Beach proposals are not as easy as they sound but SKY-ADS are here to help. 
SKY-ADS have been helping deliver romantic marriage proposals for over 35 years after that time we have learned all the tricks.
Therefore we will work with you to ensure a successful display.
For example drawing a large Love Heart in the sand. Also pinpointing your exact location so you get a fantastic display which will stay in the memory for years to come.

♥ Deserted Island 

If you have the means finding a deserted island is a very romantic gesture. But there are many places which have the feel of a deserted island but are accessible by car. Again out favourite option of a picnic sets a romantic tone. Then SKY-ADS will write your proposal across the sky.

♥ Get some elevation 

Lifting your love above the bonds of the earth is a very romantic gesture. This can mean a hot air balloon. SKY-ADS will liaise with hot air balloon operators to rendezvous in mid-air, if you think that would appeal to your friend.

There are many other ways to lift your love off the ground.

  • Standing atop a headland gazing out to sea is the height of romance.
  • The hinterland has many waterfalls with beautiful views – Example
  • Cafe in the mountains with a scenic view – Example
  • Many holiday apartments on the Gold Coast have balconies which look out over the sea
  •  Importantly before you book a hotel room check with us first. To ensure that “The Ocean View” is going to be suitable for displaying your proposal  
  •  Q1 skypoint-observation-deck has a café and breathtaking views

SKY-ADS will to fly past with your marriage proposal whilst you enjoy the vista.

What to avoid

⊗ Firstly poor locations

SKY-ADS does not recommend making a marriage proposal south of Nobby’s Headland down to the Airport.
Sorry, but Burleigh Heads, Palm Beach and Tugun should be avoided.
You understand that Nothing spoils romantic mood quicker than a screaming jet airliner just over your head!
Not to mention that airline pilots get worried if a little aircraft is towing a sign right where they want to turn for final approach to land.  

⊗ Second – consider your love

Do not do anything that will put your love on edge or nervous.
By this we mean If she does not like large crowds then find somewhere a bit more private
Conversely if she is scared to be alone pick a location where there is usually a few people about.
Likewise don’t force her to participate in “an adventure” that would make her uncomfortable.
For example, we do not recommend “Blokey” things like Paintball. Unless that is her “usual thing”

In conclusion

The entire aim is to have her comfortable and relaxed.
Most importantly, with no idea of the surprise which is about to be written in the sky for her.

Your Location on Google Maps.

When you book with SKY-ADS, We will show you how to Drop a Pin onto Google Maps. That way we’ll know exactly where you will be. This way you will be Guaranteed to receive the best Aerial Display possible.

You do not need to do this step yet.

But here are the instructions, if you want to learn now :- 
How to Drop and Share a special location on Google Maps