Sky Billboard Artwork Guide

In this article we will explain how to get the best looking Billboard in the sky.
We have written this Guide for Graphic Artists, Advertising Agents and anybody else interested in creating a readable and good looking Sky Billboard.
It contains helpful information about the best shapes and sizes of Billboards. Along with tips regarding copy layouts and text sizing.
What size and shape to produce a sky billboard depends on 4 things

  1. Budget
  2. Can your message change
  3. Amount of Text
  4. Shape of your Logo

There are 3 Sky Billboard options. Square, Rectangle and Combination.

Picture of what artwork looks like on a 4:1 Billboard
picture shows scale image of


It is of no use spending your entire budget on producing a Huge Sky billboard. If you then have no money to fly it about!
What’s more; your audience is only 500 feet away. We fly just off the beach. Therefore artwork the size of a standard roadside billboard is readable!
Instead of spending $15,000 plus on a monster helicopter flag, which is slow, doesn’t cover much ground, stays the same and sags across the top.
You are way better off with a  Combination SKY-AD. (Example in the picture below) or click the link to Learn More.
Invest only $5000 on artwork with what you have saved we can fly Twice around the Gold coast, past every beach Twice, Every Saturday and Sunday for a Month. Furthermore we can change your message every day, if required, so your Display never gets Tired!

kedronWavell-$50,000-must-be-won advertising display

Can your Message Change?

Change increases Interest in your Sky Billboard!

We have regularly had people report that they run out of their accommodation as our plane approaches with a sign trailing behind.
Just to see what is on behind today!

The Best of Both Worlds. The Ultimate Sky Advertising Display!

SKY-ADS new aerial technology.  Combines the Colour, Images and Art of a Sky Billboard with the Flexibility of a Banner Tow.
To create the Ultimate Sky Advertising Display! The Combination SKY-AD.

picture shows scale image of

Amount of text.

Readable from Every Beach, Every Time.

As long as your letter are 1.5 meters high. You are guaranteed readability.
Because Text is long and skinny you are much better off with fewer Rows of words. In other words having more rows reduces the size of the letters.

The image below shows SKY-ADS 4:1 Sky Billboard in scale 24 meter by 6 meter high.
As you can see headline character height of 1.5 meter with 2 rows of copy provides for maximum reading range.
Do not get too carried away with headline size. Sub-headline and other copy can be much smaller and still readable.

Picture of what artwork looks like on a 4:1 Billboard

Why invest in a Sky Billboard at all?

This is a good question when SKY-ADS will produce a Banner of 1.5 meter high characters FREE OF CHARGE.
Then your entire budget can go to towing your banner. Placing it right in front of your target audience. Just off the beach.
The answer is that your Sky Billboard should be colourful mixture, full of Images, Logos and Copy. To gain Impact.

But you can’t argue the (Free to produce) Banner Tow does delever the message. Messages can be airborne in as little as 24 hours. 
Creating a combination SKY-AD (for a fraction of the price) gives the visual impact of a sky billboard, along with the freedom to change copy.

This is why we call SKY-ADS
The Ultimate Sky Advertising Display!

Hot sales leads generated for x kirra beach with sky advertising
twin towns-aerial-billboard-live-music

The Sky Billboard Impact

On the other hand, When your message is not going to change and when they are done correctly the is no doubting the impact of a Sky Billboard!

Sky Billboard Copy Sizing Guidelines

As a general rule of thumb for best readability we recommend the following minimum sizes

  • Headlines – 1.5 meters
  • Sub-Headline – 750 mm
  • General Copy – 450 mm
  • Disclaimer – 300 mm

Keep in mind that most of the audience on the Gold Coast is on the Beach in perfect viewing position!
The picture below demonstrates how your sky billboard will be displayed to people in prime viewing position.
Note: It is viewed correctly on a PC with a VGA Monitor (1024 x 760) or better. On a Tablet or Mobile Device please Zoom In until the bottom line is readable.

Sky Billboard Artwork in prime display position

Square Sky Billboard Issues.

Helicopter Banner Towing is limited to square or almost square shapes. Which creates additional problems when setting out Copy.
As you can see having a square flag. Requires you to use many rows of Text. Which is inherently harder to read. Longer words often need to be reduced in height to fit.

Text not fitting on square helicopter flag

Careful of the Top Corner.

Not all Sky Advertiser are as good as SKY-ADS.
If you want to spend money on a Helicopter Display in another area. Our suggestion is to not populate the top right corner of your flag.
Because this often droops under the downwash from the helicopter

Helicopter Flag folded in half

Shape of your Logo.

The shape of your Logo has a big influence on what shape is best for your Sky Billboard.
SKY-ADS is happy to work with any Graphic Artists to ensure you Sky Billboard is the best Sky Advertising Display Possible.

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