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Our Mission

  • Firstly, to be the most effective Advertising Media on the Gold Coast and South East Queensland – your message flown past the most engaged audience.
  • Second, we love the Joy we bring when we deliver a Personal Message. We can feel the Happiness as we fly past.
    Whether it is Happy Birthday, Anniversary, Gender Reveal, Congratulations or any message you can think of. We love making special occasions.
  • Finally, Your Marriage Proposal is so important that we have a special section about how to create the most Unique, Memorable, Special and Loving Marriage Proposal Displays possible – your love written across the sky.

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SKY-ADS gets results!
Adding our media vehicle to any advertising campaign guarantees an increase in audience. 
Advertise to the market on holidays directly.

SKY-ADS Aerial Advertising has proven to be one of the most effective media at getting people to move.

An aerial display can deliver your message in a way that no other can.
Happy Birthday, Congratulations, Happy Anniversary, Gender Reveals are just a few.

Clubs, Associations and events also use SKY-ADS to promote their events.

In fact for any message you can think of.

You have come to the right place. 
We love creating romantic marriage proposals.
During our 35 years experience of creating unique proposals. We have discovered what makes a proposal extra special and what to avoid.
All our best ideas are contained, for you, in our Marriage Proposal Guide

SKY-ADS are Australia’s most experienced sky sign provider.

When it comes to writing your message across the sky, experience counts!
SKY-ADS makes it look easy but there are years of practise and experience behind those memorable aerial displays.
Our experience guarantees you the best possible display.

Our Blog

Check our blog for more detailed information about our services and activities.
Updated regularly; it is full of useful information and interesting articles about our adventures.
There is also great information for advertisers and advertising agents, which you might find interesting.
If you are the electoral commission, authorisations of political advertising can be found here on our blog.

About Us.

Sky-Ads started in 1982 when two friends became partners by buying their flying instructor’s banner towing business, then called IML Aerial Advertising, a reference to the aircraft’s registration letters VH-IML. The name was changed to SKY-ADS in 1983 and we have continued since, flying for every theme park and most of the major events on the Gold Coast and in Brisbane.

Our Aircraft

Our Aircraft has evolved over the years to become perfectly suited to its specialist task of Banner and Billboard towing.
It provides the ideal balance between length of banner towed and distance travelled. And also between size of display and economy. 

Business Marketing

Increase your marketing reach by Adding our unique media vehicle to your marketing campaign.
We provide access to an audience that other media cannot. In fact the most important audience on the Gold Coast. But that is not our only market.

Our 1 mile a minute tow speed is perfect; giving the coverage area you want with plenty of time for your message to be studied by your customers on the ground as your banner sails slowly past.

The Ultimate Aerial Advertising.

SKY-ADS new Sky Display technology provides us with capabilities far in excess of traditional Banner Towing and Aerial Billboards.
With a combination of Colourful Artwork and changeable Copy. Gives advertisers Impact and Flexibility previously unheard of.

twin towns meet you there. combination logo and letters sky advertising display

Twin Towns Club & Resorts demonstrate the ultimate form of SKY-ADS

Marriage Proposal

The Ultimate Gesture in the most Romantic Location.

Our years of delivering stunning Marriage Proposals makes SKY-ADS the only ones in Australia you can trust to deliver your memorable Marriage Proposal!
If you are unsure about how to go about proposing to the love of your life. Certitantly SKY-ADS can do all the hard work for you.
To that end we have prepared the most compressive Marriage Proposal Guide.  

In three steps we will show you how to write your message of love across the sky.

  1. Choosing a Romantic Location.
  2. Ideas for writing the Ideal Message.
  3. The Perfect Timing.

Imagine the look on your lovers face when the ultimate Marriage Proposal is written across the sky. What could be more romantic?

Beware of “Fly by Night” skywriters

Over the years many Flying Schools or Joy Flight companies have “had a go” at skywriting. SKY-ADS has witnessed many really badly displayed sky signs. 
Signs Too Close or Too Far away. Sky-Signs twisted or flying sideways. If you don’t know what you’re doing there are many way to mess up a sky display.
Therefore always avoid skywriters who’s motivation is to give a rookie pilot some hours. Or to make a quick buck between joy flights.
SKY-ADS are specialists. Our mission is to provide you with the best aerial display possible.
We make writing your message across the sky look easy. But don’t be fooled by fly by nighters always go with experience you can trust.

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SKY-ADS years of experience ensure that your message is always displayed in the optimal position for maximum readability and impact.
Always in the right place at the right time.

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