Marriage Proposals Guide | Step 3 | Perfecting the timing

The Perfect Marriage Proposal requires perfect timing. SKY-ADS has the experience to ensure your display the the most memorable possible.

SKY-ADS is the only skywriter in Australia with the skills to perform the demanding Ground Launch Method of launching Flying Signs.

To watch us in action – Click here 
This ensures your Perfect Marriage Proposal has the best chance of arriving on time. Any missed aerial pickup will cause a 10 minute delay. 
No missed pickups with SKY-ADS – guaranteed. 

Proposing is all about the timing.

SKY-ADS ideas for the Perfect Marriage Proposal.

In the first part of this tutorial we have explained what makes a romantic location
In the second part, What to say in a marriage proposal message  and what to avoid  was explained.

This just leaves the creating the Perfect Timing

Any time of the day is great. You can not read a banner after dark. We also have to land 30 minutes before last light.
This leads to a few difficulties  Most of which can be worked around or avoided.

Early morning starts

For example if you said “I want to propose just as the sun comes up” The next question we would ask is “Where”? Because we can not get airborne until first light. Therefore we have a very small window to get airborne and get to your selected location.
Lucky we can do a Ground Launch. Because this saves time. We do not have to fly about positioning for the pickup.
Not to mention delays if an aerial pickup is missed, there is no guarantee that they get second try or even on the third. Could be lunch before they get airborne?

That is to say, We can do lots of things. For example if your lady loves bushwalking and you want to be the first to see the sunrise in Australia. SKY-ADS will be there just after. So we would suggest that you lug a breakfast basket up with you. This way there will be no suspicion as to why you are still on top of Mount Warning. You are having a romantic breakfast. We will arrive with your romantic marriage proposal banner in tow, as soon as we can take off. Which might not be too much latter because first light is sometime before sun up. So if we only have a short distance to travel we will arrive with the sun.


90% of Aerial Marriage Proposals happen at lunchtime. There is a good reason for this, because it usually works out so well. You have scoped out a lovely location. Consideration has been given to the message and today is the big day.

Firstly relax yourself. You do not want her to get anxious. Plan a relaxed morning. Breakfast in bed for her, maybe? She might suspect something is up, but this antipitation will not hurt and will add the the romance.
Second don’t rush. Allow plenty of time for travel to the location. SKY-ADS recommends arriving 20 to 30 minutes prior to the arranged time. Look around for awhile as she takes in the beautiful spot you have chosen. 
Half an hour is a long time to wait in one spot. having a picnic is a great way to make the time pass smoothly. 
Keep Calm. avoid the temptation to look at your watch or mobile phone every minute. We can send you an E.T.A. via Text Message or we can “Maintain Radio Silence” the choice is yours.  you should choose the option which makes you the most comfortable and therefore least nervous.
Remember a little anticipation is great for romance; just don’t over do it.

Reaction after your perfect marriage proposal

As we detailed on the marriage proposal home page. I have seen a grown woman levitate; at the sight of an wedding proposal delivered by air.
The impact of the first sight of the aircraft towing your message leaves a lasting impression.
I can still see that lady rise somehow rise from the ground to a full imbrace in an instant, as soon as she saw the banner message
The long embrace followed, needed no explination and nice bloke and a lady who had watted too long moved on with their life togeather.
Something to avoid. I have seen a bloke push his cuddly love away, in his haste to get a picture. Don’t panic, we will circle plenty of times. Enjoy the Cuddle…!
If you are receiving a long cuddle and she is taking too long; don’t panic, we will be watching. We will circle pleanty of times. Just enjoy the moment!

How do you expect your love to react?

This varies from person to person. But a common emotion is shock.
Watch the lady’s reaction in the Video above. You may find that your love is so full of emotion that she just can not express it.
When I proposed to my wife with our banners, I expected a Text Message immediately. I waited and waited. Eventually I flew back to base; packed up the equipment, hanagered the Aircraft but still no text. I drove home expecting the worst. When I arrived, She was buzzing about like a mad person. I did not know what to think?
It took her half an hour to finally reveal her answer. In other words, give her time to process.


Dusk is considered, by some, as a good time to propose. Which it can be; but it does need some careful planning.
Legally we must plan to be on the ground 30 minutes prior to the end of civil twilight. Therefore the deadline to leave a location can be a lot earlier than expected. This effect is even more pronounced during the winter months. 
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