Carpark overflowing

Holiday Sale Advertising Success

Harbour Town Outlet sales advertising success

SKY-ADS delivers the results

SKY-ADS flew for Harbour Town Saturday and Sunday – by Sunday Lunch time you could not get a car park – they had to have attendants directing cars onto an overflow grass area. That’s what we call sales Advertising Success
SKY-ADS gets Results. We have done similar to Sea World, two flights and their car park over flowed.
Car Park attendant directs cars onto overflow grass area because car park is full - confirming Sales Advertising Success

When the whole car park is full an army of attendants direct car onto the overflow grass area. 
That is when you know your centre is really busy.

Cars park on the surrounding streets as well.

A great advertising success for only two Gold Coast flights with  our banner saying;

Sky Advertising reads Harbour Town Get Outlet Sale on Now

Perfect Gold Coast weather had great crowds everywhere. Looking up at our Sale Advertising.  Guaranteed sales success 

Main Beach
Aerial view of sales advertising market - sea way
The Seaway
Aerial view of sales advertising market - Wet n wild
Wet n Wild
Little beach in the Broadwater

With such a great playground for our people no wonder SKY-ADS has so little trouble getting the sales success  you are looking for. Sales Advertising Success is guaranteed. Read More

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Update:- Boxing Days Sale

The results from the Outlet Sale were so great the harbour Town flys again four times for their Boxing Day Sales

Sky Banner reads "Harbour Town Boxing Days Sales On Now"

Watch the video to fly along with us past every beach on the Gold Coast

The Overflow overflows

This time the results were so great that not only the car park overflowed, but so did the overflow grass area.

Nothing like overflowing the overflow. What a great result.

Carpark overflowing
Busy Harbour Town

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