Marriage Proposals Guide | Step 2 | Writing the perfect message in the Sky

Marriage Proposal Ideas. In this part of our Marriage Proposal Guide we show you many ideas to get:-

Your Message Written across the Sky?

The Ultimate Gesture in the most Romantic Location.

Your marriage proposal message, say whatever message you like, up to 35 characters long. However Love Hearts count and spaces count.
SKY-ADS aircraft are highly tuned to the job of delivering Aerial Messages this is how we offer the most efficient service possible.
Don’t distress if your message is over 35 characters. SKY-ADS is here to help we know plenty of tricks and tips to make your Marriage Proposal Message Perfect. See below

SKY-ADS Ideas for the Perfect Marriage Proposal Message.

In this tutorial we will explain what to say  in a marriage proposal message and what to avoid 

Ask a question

It is a Proposal of Marriage after all, so it definitely needs to be in the form of a question.
 We have all had Text Messages which did not get received in the spirit we intended. Therefore, Be careful with phrases which sound good when spoken but could be misinterpreted when written. For Example “You will be Mine Forever”. In other words, you may mean it as the most romantic gesture ever but it might backfire and just be seen as possessive. 

Short is Sweet

Less is more, it’s not the declaration of independence. So keep it simple and memorable. 

Add a Love Heart for effect

SKY-ADS now has up to 3 Red Love Hearts  and a single Rainbow Love Heart for the LGBT community.
These can be used anywhere you want in your Marriage Proposal Message for added romance.


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