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Do you need to get people off the beach and into your venue?

SKY-ADS is the answer.
The only media which Directly Communicates to Market on the Gold Coast you want to Reach!

SKY-ADS has proven to be one of the most effective media there is to:-
“Get them while they are here”

SKY-ADS gets people to act

What is the best way to advertise on the Gold Coast?

Business marketing

The main competitor for any attraction on the Gold Coast is the Beaches.
Why would you not advertise directly to customers enjoying your main opposition.
SKY-ADS allows you to exactly that!

Our low flying aircraft towing a sky sign always gets everybody’s attention. Therefore everybody reacts to your businesses promotion.
We often watch as somebody points your message out to their loved ones. Do you get results like that from your media buy?

We believe that adding SKY-ADS to your media mix emphasis your campaign; SKY-ADS provides that urgent motivation which moves the public to your venue.

Every Sky Advertising readable from every beach, Every time!

Crowded beach with SKY-ADS aircraft overhead

When we fly past with your Latest Attraction or Event behind our Aircraft – Everybody will have you Top of Mind
This is guaranteed to get movement to your attraction.

Add another vehicle to your media mix and the sky’s the limit

If your business promotion is not flying behind our plane your promotion will never get airborne. 

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Every Beach, Every Flight

Starting at Point Danger in the South past every beach to the Seaway in the North.

We cover each and every beach to guarantee that nobody misses your message. Route Maps

With either huge 1.5 meter high letter Banners up to 35 meters long
or Giant Aerial Billboards 6 meters high by 24 meters

Nobody on the beach can miss your businesses promotional message

We fly your sign just 500 above the water and 150 meters off the shore, right in front of the beach crowds


How to Increase the audience for your advertising campaign

Look for yourself you can see your customers. They are looking for things to do. All they need is an idea and they will act.
This picture was taken from our skywriting aircraft during a sky sign flight

Its an average day on the Gold Coast.
Thousands of people are out and about enjoying the Gold Coast.
How does your Business Marketing communicate with this audience?
No other broadcast media is in sight. There is no TV or Radio on the beach!
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SKY-ADS offers three types of Aerial Advertising Displays

Banners offer huge readability plus flexibility and instant turnaround of your Aerial Display

Aerial Billboards

man-looks-small-next to-billboard
SKY-ADS Billboards are huge many times the size of a roadside billboard and can be rectangle up to 4:1

The Ultimate SKY-ADS

Business-Marketing-Sky- writing
Get the impact of a Billboard with the flexibility of a Banner for the Ultimate Sky Advertising Display

Some Advertising Campaigns are Too Effective 

Back in the day when Conrad Jupiters Casino first opened SKY-ADS was heavily engaged in the Advertising for the Casino’s launch.
But some of our sky advertising banners were too effective. Let us tell you about what happened when we flew the sky advertising banner shown below.



At first there was no problem, Jupiters sold lots of lunch buffets. But then the weekend came. Unfortunately on Sunday Jupiters serves a better quality buffet which includes seafood. Sunday Seafood Buffet is its name and it is $22. Can you see the problem?
People who had seen the banner on Thursday came in on Sunday expecting a $10 Buffet.
So we did not fly this sky banner after Wednesday the following week. But alas the problem persisted.
Next week we did our ad only once, on Monday.
But even though the flight had happened 6 days ago still the effect of sky advertising was so strong that people were still arriving on Sunday.

Some Business Marketing lasts over 20 years.

After causing our client some welcome problems by being too effective; A product available every day of the week was the answer.
So the Daiquiri Banner was born.



Forward Fast 22 Years

We are at a dinner party, we have just meet some new friends. Bob and Carmel. The subject of Aerial Advertising come up in general conversation. Suddenly our new friend Bob becomes very animated. “I would like to get hold of that banner bloke”. he exclaimed. 
As I took a few steps back somebody else asked “why is that”. Bob then explained that they did not know what a Daiquiri was. But they used to see the plane with the banner behind reading $5 Daiquiris at the casino.
So after they have seen Jupiters sky advertising so many times, Bob and Carmel decided to go to the casino to try one for themselves.
But Bob did not know that they were frozen and he took a big slurp. He got the worst case of “Brain Freeze” 
Consequently after their “Brain freeze” when they were sunbathing on Kirra Beach and we flew past with our Daiquiri banner.
Bob used to wave his fist and shout “Dam you Daiquiri Man”
What other media can get Your Business Marketing Message to last 22 Years?
It took me several meetings with Bob and Carmel before I admitted that I was indeed the “Daiquiri Banner Man”.
After we became friends, I took bob and Carmel for a Joy Flight and he finally forgave me for his brain freeze. 
The effects of those banners were still felt 22 years later. 

Business Marketing Success Stories

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 For Example 

The Crowds are on the Beaches – Don’t Miss out on the Gold Coast Best Advertising Media!

How do you get a plane with a sign behind into the air?

Efficient Ground Launch

SKY-ADS is the only skywriter in Australia qualified enough to perform the challenging  Ground Launch method of getting a Flying Sign airborne.

Our experience is your gain. In other words your Outdoor Advertisement is up and flying as soon as we take off. Therefore you get every second of exposure that you have paid for.

Watch the video to learn how it is done

But Please do not try this yourself 😢 

Unless you have 1000 hours Banner Towing 🙂

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