Why does experience count when Banner Towing

Let us explain to you why does experience count when Banner Towing.

sky-ads banner flying straight and true
flying sign layed over

Can you spot the difference between the two pictures above?

The Black Banner is flying straight and true behind SKY-ADS aeroplane. The red banner is being dragged by a flying school in Sydney.

What is going wrong here

At SKY-ADS we can see several things going wrong with the Red Banner.
The first is, that it is red. Red stands out less against the very light blue sky and really suffers against a white cloud. Therefore the readability of your message really suffers. Just have a look at the Black Banner. It is much farther away but is perfectly readable still.

Banner Angle is so important 

But most importantly, compare the angles that the banners are towing along at. The black one is flying completely vertically which maximizes the size the banner appears to be. The Red banner is suffering from the propwash of the towing aircraft and is leaning away from the audience.

Badly flying Banners look small or unreadable

This makes the Red banner look smaller, and if the aircraft positions at all close the the audience, all that will be seen will be a single line of Red above their heads.
Banner are readable from the Left side of both planes, So leaning away from the viewer is a disaster.

Why does experience count when Banner Towing?

Over the last 35 year SKY-ADS has tested and evaluated banner equipment from every source on the market. Many of the successful models are not longer in production. But SKY-ADS has samples which we replicate exclusively for your benefit. Because at SKY-ADS we believe that ever sign should look like the one shown below.
Now you know, why does experience count when Banner Towing? It is so you get the best display possible.

This picture shows a sky banner flying perfectly. Proving Why does experience count when Banner Towing!

Only trust SKY-ADS with your Banner Towing Messages

Straight up and down achieving Maximum Readability every time!

After 35 years of perfecting Banner Towing and Sky Billboards SKY-ADS would simply not accept defect displays!
When you have an important message to deliver you deserve a display that is the best possible.   
We have seen many Flying Schools “have a go” at Banner towing “How hard could it be”. Well the answer is very.

Whether you are Proposing to the love of your life, Marketing your Business or saying Happy Birthday
Only trust a Banner Towing specialist.
Not a fly by night flying school who are really only interested in getting rookies some hours.