3 meter by 10 meter Logo of Kedron-wavell then words $50,000 must be won tonight. Sky Display

Black logo creates interest across entire city. Proving Black letters are best

What colour sky sign letters can be read from the longest distance?

Black always stands out best against the light blue sky. For maximum readable distance you need the greatest contrast against what is a very light blue sky. 

Huge Black Logo Proves the point

So when Kedron Wavell services club asked us to fly their Black Logo we knew that this combination sky sign would be a huge success. The black logo creates interest across the entire city.
So when the sky sign flew into range the people’s interest was already engaged. The message spelt out in black letters behind the logo was read by an engaged audience. Therefore the message about Kedron Wavell’s massive member draw jackpot of $50,000 was widely received and acted upon.

The Result – a testimonial from Vjorn

Hi Gary
I just wanted to touch base and say thanks for your contribution in making our Friday Night Member’s Draw a success.  Friday night turned out to be one of the best days we have had in the Club. The turnout was amazing!!! And loads of people were mentioning the sky advertising which was great.
I look forward to working with you again soon.


Gaming & Marketing Manager
Kedron-Wavell Services Club Inc.

See for yourself

This picture was taken at a range of 3 to 4 kilometers 

Huge black combination sky advertisement

You simply can not miss the huge black blob in the sky. Even when we are over 10 kilometers away.
People are curious by nature and will get determined to read our message.
We have had stories of desperate people chasing us in their cars to ensure that they found out what was on the sky sign.
So when we fly closer they are going to read the message behind the aeroplane!

Ketronwavell services club sky advertising reads $50,000 @kedronwavel tonight

Check out the video on Kedron-Wavell’s facebook page

Vjorn had her social media crew shoot a video of her sky advertising. Which was posted on Facebook and others

Kedron Wavell’s promotional video on facebook – click here

After just 2 flights on consecutive Fridays

We flew the Kedron-Wavell’s big black Logo Billboard (pictured above) around the city two Fridays in a row and we have never had so many comments. I saw you here or there. It seems that the whole city has seen and importantly noticed our sky advertising for Kedron-Wavell.

What colour letters are best for sky advertising 

The response to our big black billboard proves once and for all that Black letters are the best for sky advertising.
This 3 meter high by 10 meter long Logo has attracted interest across the entire city.

*** UPDATE Breaking News ****

$50,000 Members Draw has Jackpoted again !!!

*****   $50,000 MUST BE WON this Friday (Friday 26th April) Just get there.   ******

Combination sky advertising is flexible

Proving the flexibility of our combination sky signs.
When this happened we changed the letters to reflect the new message. And flew around again. easy done.
Most important to understand that this is not possible with a helicopter flag.

3 meter by 10 meter Logo of Kedron-wavell then words $50,000 must be won tonight. Sky Display

Draws Start at 5:30 
If not won Draws happen every half an hour 
If still not claimed by 10:30 Draws happen every 3 minutes until $50,000 is won!!!

SKY-ADS has been contracted to promote this must win $50,000 draw. Proving the flexibility of the Combination Billboard + letters Sky-Ad. Consequently, we will change the letters to reflect the MUST WIN situation friday week. 

Kedron-wavell flies high with new Combination Sky Advertisement and proves what SKY-ADS have always said…
Black stands out best against the sky. Which is a very light shade of blue. Therefore, readability is at its maximum when black is used. Kedron-wavell’s logo could be seen across the entire city.

The members draw giveaway has reached $50,000 and the club needed to spread the word, so SKY-ADS was called in.

Find out more about how SKY-ADS can help with your marketing campaign 

Winners are Grinners – $50,000 would make you smile too – Just ask Lucky Phil

Winners with $50,000
Lucky Phil with $50,000 Cheque

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