LGBT Love Heart Aerial Billboard. On display

World Exclusive – LGBTTQQIAAP Rainbow Love Heart

World Exclusive –

Our brand new LGBT Rainbow Love Heart Aerial Billboard is a world exclusive and has just arrived via FedEx from the United States.
We commissioned it specially from the worlds suppliers of aerial billboard and banner equipment. 

This is the first and so far only one in existence. If fact SKY-ADS had to supply them the artwork.

Rainbow Love Heart Aerial Billboard celebration 

To celebrate our World Exclusive, SKY-ADS is offering the first person to book a marriage proposal including our Rainbow Love Heart.
The special rate of only $880 anywhere on the Gold Coast. or $1200 in Brisbane. All inclusive.

Marriage Proposal Guide

Check out our new website for our Marriage Proposal Guide. – Click Here
In it you will find 3 easy steps to pull of an unforgettable Marriage Proposal.
For example finding the Perfect Marriage Proposal Location.

So don’t wait get your world exclusive Marriage Proposal airborne today. There can only be one first……

Who will be the first…?

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