Couple on Beach reading Marriage Proposal

Surprise Marriage Proposal on a Gold Coast Beach

Surprise Marriage Proposal on a Gold Coast Beach creates a morning long search on ABC Local radio

Just a nice trip away from their Toowoomba home turned into a much bigger surprise for  Nastassja when her boyfriend Kor took her for a stroll on a popular Gold Coast beach.
Little did Nastassja know that SKY-ADS was circling over Mudgeeraba. Just 5 minutes away. Ready to swoop in for a big surprise.  
We receive Kor’s Sneaky Selfie. Which in one go showed that they were in position and gave us the buildings in the background. 

Selfie showing buildings from the beach

Very clever Kor, and Nastassja was none the wiser that an “innocent” selfie could trigger an event that she will remember for the rest of her life. 

Just a few minutes later, and we sprung our Surprise Marriage Proposal on a Gold Coast Beach. Flying past with a Banner towing behind our plane saying “NASTASSJA WILL YOU MARRY ME”

We circled around Kor and Nastassja several times while the photographer Kor had arranged appeared from the dunes and took several nice pictures.

Close up picture of the Marriage proposal

While we were circling delivering our Surprise Marriage Proposal on a Gold Coast Beach, we passed close to a big Surf Lifesaving Carnival.
We did not think much of it at the time but the competitors at the carnival made the surprise even more of an event.

surf carnivals on any beach adds to SKY-ADS reach

ABC Local Radio adds to the surprise

Just after 7am Monday Morning we are contacted by the Breakfast crew at the Gold Coast ABC Local Radio.

Seems that many of the competitors at the Surf Carnival have contacted the radio station to find out what Nastassja’s answer was?
The radio station had spent all morning hunting for answers to the question “Did Nastassja say Yes?”
You can hear the whole mornings podcast by Clicking here – our interview began at 1:18:00

I got in touch with Kor to let him know about the radio exposure and asked him if he would like the radio station to get in contact with him.

The next day the ABC Gold Coast Local Radio airways were again full of talk about our Surprise Marriage Proposal on a Gold Coast Beach.

Click here to hear the next days show 

What a huge response to one Sky Banner behind our plane.

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